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Living Joy Wellness

Bridging the gap between the Human DOing and the Human BEing

JoyDrop Elements Collection​

Formulations for the soul

Aromatherapy is an ancient modality of healing which utilizes the olfactory senses to trigger physiological response​ within the body. Empowering the body to heal itself. 

100% Pure, Top Quality Essential Oils

JoyDrop Blends

JoyDrop Individuals

colour coded labeling showcases corresponding Chakra benefits

Our Signature JoyDrop collection is the perfect expression of our passion for the connection 

between man, earth and spirit and celebration of the Mothers support for us all.

We are proud to bring you our  "Joy" for earth and life in her abundance.

Great healing takes time and our perfectionism for quality does too. More proprietary blends, additional oils and body care products have been formulated and are currently being labeled.  Available Spring 2021 for your enjoyment.